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{{ feigned hollywood.

This season has seen better days.

{{ careful.

hello, fascination.


I have athazagoraphobia, bad. And I'm easily forgettable. My name is Wade and I really hate people. I hate ugly people and narrow minded people. Most people. Stupid people. I like intellectuals. That can keep my attention. Shallow people with repetitive conversation suck. I'm a con artist. And I'm rather, odd. I'm a nerd at heart. English major, minoring in history. Wtf? I know. I like old timey shit. And sluice boxes. My music tastes are varying. But I like fancy people. Wear a tux, please. I'm looking for a southern gentleman. I have odd taste when it comes to love. But one day, I'll hopefully find prince charming. I hope. I have some odd love for facial-hair-all-the-time boys. That like spicy food that puts hair on chests. Douchebags are a turnoff, and cleft chins an on. What the hell? Now I feel awkward. I make things awkward. Okay? Okay. Get over it. I see my life like a movie. I wrote a book once.

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High on a hill was a lonely goatherd,
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo.